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Asterisk –
Dahdi-linux –
Dahdi-tools – 2.4.1
Kernel BKL: enabled

I am upgrading Asterisk on this box. It has an OpenVox A400P PCI analog
card with 1 FXO and 1FXS module.

This server has been running just fine for two years with Asterisk

I’ve just upgraded all the OS and installed Asterisk On trying
to configure the A400P I get:

# modprobe dahdi

# modprobe wctdm

# dahdi_genconf
Empty configuration — no spans
Empty configuration — no spans

# dahdi_cfg -vvv
DAHDI Tools Version – 2.4.1

DAHDI Version:
Echo Canceller(s):

Channel map:

0 channels to configure.

# dahdi_hardware
driver should be ‘wctdm’ but is actually ‘netjet’
pci:0000:01:09.0 wctdm+ e159:0001 Wildcard TDM400P REV E/F

Where am I going wrong? Why is dahdi_genconf not seeing the card, when
dahdi_hardware does see it? I’ve tried “modprobe netjet”, but makes no

Thanks for any suggestions,