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Hi sir,

I was installed Goautodial server and I have b410p BRI card. BRI card
showing OK with dahdi_tool, this NT mode.
whenever I am dialing from server i am not able to connect the call . in Cli
below mention warning is comming .
please what is the mistake with me . help me

Executing [0559566768@default:1] AGI(“Console/dsp”, “agi://”) in new

4 thoughts on - BRI confiugration error

  • What is the output of “dahdi show channels” on the CLI? The “No channel
    type ‘Dahdi'” error message you originally reported still suggests that
    something is preventing chan_dahdi from loading.

    Also, you probably want to put the #include dahdi-channels.conf at the
    end of your chan_dahdi.conf file, and drop the group=0 / channel => 1-2
    from that file as well since they are already defined in
    dahdi-channels.conf that you are including.

  • Hopefully those two error messages from parsing chan_dahdi.conf and
    dahdi-channels.conf provide the clues you need to fix your configuration

    Also, the original configuration files you posted didn’t have ‘bri_cp’
    set as the signalling. That makes me wonder if the files you posted are
    really the ones chan_dahdi is attempting to parse.

  • It’s either “bri_cpe” (for CPE PtP) or “bri_cpe_ptmp” (for CPE PtMP).

    Please make sure you have a valid signalling name.

    If it’s still not working (after ‘module unload’ and
    ‘module load’, could you please please provide both the
    error message and the current chan_dahdi.conf (with #include-d files)?