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Hi dears,

I am from saudi arabia and using asterisk,Dahdi-2.3.0 and
Digium, Inc. Wildcard AEX800 8-port analog card (PCI-Express) .

I am facing problem with detecting caller id before first ring.I
recorded the dahdi channel using dahdi_monitor command. Where I am
able to see and hear caller-id dtmf tones.

Pl tell me the procedure to upload recorded file if you needed.
Something I want to dig it and make it work in asterisk.

Thanks & Regards,

One thought on - dtmf Caller-id detection before first ring

  • you have to do these:

    1-find suitable patch for your driver(wctdm.c) where the cidbeforering will
    be defined.
    2-modify the chan_dahdi.c in asterisk, change res to 4000 or higher
    3-recompile your driver and asterisk
    4-set cidbeforering=1 and cidstart, …. in the config of dahdi.
    5-restart your machine.

    for hearing the callerid before first ring use some sound editor for example
    waveditor, to see what you hear.