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I’ve some questions concerning ldap.

1. I think ldap attributes doesn’t have a certain order, at least, all
ldap editors that I use can’t define an order. But it seems that the
attribute order is relevant for entries like AstAccountDisallowedCodec
and AstAccountAllowedCodec.

2. Is it possible to use templates with sipeers/users stored in ldap?
like [barfoos](template) in the sip.conf file?

3. When a client registers I get the message “Couldn’t modify
dn:cn=hp0021FE5452DB,ou=phones,dc=scheff32,dc=de because Undefined
attribute type”.
res_ldap.conf contains name = cn. The ldap user has full read/write
permissions on the subtree ou=phones,dc=scheff32,dc=de. What is asterisk
trying todo? Does it try to change the dn? Or does it try to add a new
attribute ‘name’?

I use a more or less up2date asterisk-1.8-branch with the schema file
from that branch. I also added objectClass=device for owner and location