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On Thu, 26 May 2011, Art wrote:

> Hello Everyone, I am new to Asterisk and telecommunications, and I am
> lucky to have found this mailing list. Is there a simple guild for
> setting-up a simple GSM Asterisk system, or better yet can someone
> please mentor me through the process?

My suggestion would be to read “Asterisk: The Future of Telephony” which
is available in book and (most generously by the publisher and authors) as
a free PDF download.

Next, download PBX in a Flash (, burn a CD and
load it on a scratch PC. This will install CentOS (erasing whatever was on
the disk), Asterisk, and a bunch of other useful stuff.

This process will deprive you of the intricacies of installing CentOS and
Asterisk from scratch, but you will have a working system and won’t quit
out of frustration.

Then, work your way through the book trying stuff and see what happens.

If you’re new to Linux as well, you’ll need to learn that elsewhere.