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Asterisk Newbie

On Thu, 26 May 2011, Art wrote:

> Hello Everyone, I am new to Asterisk and telecommunications, and I am
> lucky to have found this mailing list. Is there a simple guild for
> setting-up a simple GSM Asterisk system, or better yet can someone
> please mentor me through the process?

My suggestion would be to read “Asterisk: The Future of Telephony” which
is available in book and (most generously by the publisher and authors) as
a free PDF download.

Next, download PBX in a Flash (http://pbxinaflash.net/), burn a CD and
load it on a scratch PC. This will install CentOS (erasing whatever was on
the disk), Asterisk, and a bunch of other useful stuff.

This process will deprive you of the intricacies of installing CentOS and
Asterisk from scratch, but you will have a working system and won’t quit
out of frustration.

Then, work your way through the book trying stuff and see what happens.

If you’re new to Linux as well, you’ll need to learn that elsewhere.

user asterisk does not exist – using root

Hello List,

I receive these messages when I was installing Asterisk a few minutes ago:

warning: user asterisk does not exist – using root
warning: group asterisk does not exist – using root

Is this user and group (asterisk) supposed to be created by the package
manager in some point? This is the first time I see these errors.
(I have no experience creating rpm packages).


Grandstream + IPv6

This Friday on VUC :

Part I : Grandstream Networks, they used to be entry-level phones, now
moving to video and surveillance cams

Part II : Junction Networks engineers discuss their move to IPv6 -
this should be compelling listening for all of us (Hi Olle!)

All welcome to join: 200901@login.zipdx.com SIP g722 or g711 or go
look at the many ways to take part on http://vuc.me

IRC is #vuc on Freenode.net http://vuc.me/irc

Your time zone: http://vuc.me/next

Hear you there.


DB driven voicemail

Have anyone setup voicemail using DB?
I am facing problems with asterisk realtime voicemail setup.

Asterisk authenticate and saves new voicemail records in mysql with voice
file path.


When we listen voiemails, app_voicemail deletes old record from
voicemail_data and inserts a new one with new file name in Old folder.


Please note that message name also changed.

How to handle voicemail in asterisk realtime?

make calls from DID

How to make outgoing calls from DID and what is theway to get incoming calls
from DID.

To show who is login, queue, … etc

Queuemetrics is neat-looking. However, it requires MySQL, and I’m using Postgres. Does anyone have a recommendation for a different product for reporting usage that’s not tied to MySQL?