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Hi Guys,
Has anyone been able to configure the realtime using Asterisk

So far I’ve successfully configured the realtime using Asterisk 1.6.2 but while trying to use 1.4, Asterisk keep restarting.
Any clue or suggestion?

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  • I have configured tons of 1.4.x installs with various levels of realtime integration. Are you asking about the specific sub-version, or the 1.4 branch in general? Also, in order for anyone to help you, we’d need some info like how ou set up realtime, log outputs, etc….

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  • By the way, I forgot to add, I’d be more than happy to help you with
    your SIP realtime integration. Please post the relevant configuration
    files (such as extconfig.conf, odbc.ini odbc-inst.ini, etc) and a
    mysqldump of structure and data from your sip table(s). Full log output
    from your server would also be helpful.

    You may reply to me offlist if you like