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Have not been able to confirm this, anyone heard this from another source?

“We expect that users of Skype for Asterisk will be able to continue
using their Asterisk systems on the Skype network until at least July
26, 2013. Skype may extend this at their discretion.”


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    Bgeh. Serves ’em right for using that POC! Who honestly *hadn’t* seen this
    coming since the day Skype was first released?

    A subscriber with one telephone company has to be able at least to contact
    subscribers with any other telephone company — that much ought to be
    self-evident. It is also highly desirable, where multiple telephone companies
    are competing for business in the same physical space, to be able to use the
    same equipment with any of them. Such interoperability requires open
    standards that can be implemented by anybody, and the most preferable way to
    achieve this is through an Open Source reference implementation (not just
    Asterisk; think OpenBSD and the Secure Shell, or Apache and HTTP).

    Skype’s secretive, proprietary nature — surely the absolute antithesis of
    what telecommunications needs to be about — means that only
    Skype “subscribers” can talk to other Skype “subscribers”. (It also
    potentially runs afoul of some European countries’ telecommunications
    deregulation and competition laws — except, as we all know, normal laws
    don’t apply anywhere there is a computer involved).

    We in the Asterisk user community should be persuading Skype users to move
    to “proper” VoIP solutions, sooner rather than later — even if that means
    recommending another proprietary product as a pragmatic intermediate measure.
    At least Caged products which *correctly* implement Open standards are likely
    candidates for Free drop-in replacements later.

    (Paraphrased and expanded from an earlier post by me on another forum.)