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Hi all,
Just in case if anyone will be interested in BroadTel UPA-1, a USB to FXS
adapter embedded with SIP softphone. Product specification is as follows:

USB to RJ11 FXS adapter
1 USB port, for computer connection
1 RJ-11 FXS, for phone connection
Dimension (L x W x H): 53 x 15 x 28 mm
Support SIP 2.0, IAX2 or Skype
built-in 2MB flash drive for storage of BroadTel softphone
Support any analog phone or cordless phone
Support connecting to PBX
Plastic case for the adapter can be designed on a per-client basis

Main Features
USB to RJ11 FXS converter
Support Windows AUTORUN for SELF loading of driver and softphone
Embedded SIP, IAX2 softphones or Skype, supporting G.729, G.723.1,
G.711(uLaw,aLaw), GSM(FR,AMR), iLBC, Speex and so on
Built-in echo cancellation
SIP and IAX softphones can be customized with customers’logo
Auto detection, installation and configuration of Windows USB audio deveice
when UPA-1 is plugged in
Support standard windows USB audio device with unique device ID
Connect USB phone adapter UPA-1 to your phone, no more microphone and
SLIC interface for analog phone connection
Support cordless phone set include DECT, 2.4GHz, 900MHz or others
Receive SIP, IAX2 or Skype calls by ringing and picking up handset – same as
home line
Dial SIP, IAX2 and calls through phone pad directly or softphone users
Connect Skype and SkypeIn calls into PBX or enterprise IVR
Dial SkypeOut from PBX digital extension set directly
Support Skype speed dial and SkypeOut through phone pad directly
Support 1 REN standard loads

OEM and ODM orders are welcome. For details, please visit BroadTel corporate
web site , or conact us
at if you are interested in the product.

Best regards,

On Sat, Jul 12, 2008 at 5:13 AM, C. Savinovich

> I am puzzled by the quality of magicjack. I keep trying to figure out how
> they can the quality be that adequate. Since Skype also has an excellent
> quality, that leaves me to believe that software based calls (softphones)
> could have and advantage over hardphones, provided there is a parameter
> that
> those 2 companies are addressing.
> Anyone’s thoughts on this?
> CS
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