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I know I asked this some time back, and I got no response then, and
neither did someone who asked at the start of 2009 either by the looks of
it (other than a reply from me to use a PCI card!!!)

However I now have a client who’d bought one of these boxes and installed
ISDN2e – against my advice (because I got no feedback here, therefore
they’re junk with asterisk, right?)

However I’m currently stuck with it and it’s a right royal PITA to program
up by the look of it – I’ve done all the obvious stuff, and am now wading
through their 600+page manual, but ugh…

So if anyone has used one with asterisk as a bridge to ISDN2e in the UK,
would you mind sharing a config with me?

I have it registering (it pretends to be a SIP phone, it registers with
Asterisk), but when I try to send a call to it, it times out – I do see
debug on it’s console though – same when I send a call into it from the
PSTN side – I see ISDN debug messages, but no SIP activity.

And I thought Mediatrix units were bad – but at least they are relatively
easy to program…


Any clues appreciated,



One thought on - Asterisk + Patton ISDN2e gateway (UK)

  • 2011/5/24 Gordon Henderson


    I don’t have any specific knowledge of ISDN2e in the UK, but I can configure
    patton devices (through embedded web server) to work with Asterisk.

    Do not hesitate to contact me off-list if I can be of any help.