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On 11-05-23 05:30 PM, Elliot Murdock wrote:
> Hello,
> I am wondering how to send a call to a specific IP address that is different
> than the host of the URI. For example, an invite to the URI is “
>” needs to be sent to the IP address 123.456.789.255, not to
> the IP address of
> How is this done?
Look at the ‘Contact’ header.

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  • 23 maj 2011 kl. 23.36 skrev Paul Belanger:

    I don’t what Paul means here… YOu can surely define a peer and add an outbound proxy with the IP address… That way we won’t overwrite the domain. I am not aware of a way of doing it in the dial string in the dial plan.


  • Hello,

    Thank you for the reply.

    How would one go about adding a SIP proxy IP address in Asterisk for peers?

    The host parameter for a peer (in sip.conf) seems to define both the domain
    URI and the IP address for the next SIP proxy hop (there is an ipaddr
    parameter, but it seems that only works in realtime sip).

    As far as it seems, an integral part of the SIP protocol is the ability to
    send packets out to SIP proxies that have different IP addresses from the
    URI’s domain (similar to how routing works in IP networking, with gateways
    routing destinations).

  • Unless I’m misunderstanding the question, the owner of “”
    should use DNS SRV records to advertise where to send SIP traffic to if
    it is not the same as the A record for “”.


    paul@barney:~$ host has address

    paul@barney:~$ host -t SRV has SRV record 0 1 5060