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On Thu, May 19, 2011 at 1:24 PM, Ryan Wagoner wrote:
> I updated my phones to the UCS 3.3.1 firmware a few months back. The
> scenario is I place a call and receive an incoming call. With 3.3.1
> the screen will show call 1/2 and I have to press the down arrow to
> see the caller name / number. Has anybody else noticed this with
> 3.3.1? I had thought with 3.2.4 it would automatically show call
> waiting name and number without pressing any keys. It could be
> possible I missed a setting, but I didn’t see anything in the admin
> guide.
> Ryan

For those wondering it appears to be a bug in 3.2.5 and later
versions. I downgraded to 3.2.4 and the caller id for the incoming
call waiting call will show for 10 seconds as described in the Polycom
user guide. This only effects those with IP33x model phones.


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  • Which is the most stable firmware to run on Polycom IP 335’s? I’ve had a lot of issues & glitches with th 3.3.1 UC firmware. Considering rolling back to 3.2.x but I don’t want to have to completely redo my XML configs. Polycom is very vague about this- they list UC 3.3.1 as the latest GA release but the 3.2.5 has a newer release date. Ugh.