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On Tue, May 17, 2011 at 01:30:33PM -0400, Mike wrote:
>Is there any softphone or TAPI plug-in that allows one to dial from a web
>page? As you may know, Skype has a mechanism that converts phone numbers on
>a web page to a click-to-dial application. I’d like to use this but on a
>normal softphone (Bria, Xlite, other).

Generate a callfile, setting Channel to point to the softphone (e.g.
SIP/Xlitephone) and Extension to point to the number you want to dial.
(You’ll need to specify Context too.)

When the callfile is processed, the softphone will ring; when it’s
picked up, it will dial the far end.


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  • Just write a simple CGI script (running from the Asterisk server) which
    looks up the nearest phone from the remote IP address ( $ENV{REMOTE_ADDR} in
    Perl), and inject a suitably-modified call file into the
    folder /var/spool/asterisk.outgoing/ . The file needs to look something like
    the below example: