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You would have to setup two queues, one “English” and one “portuguese”. All
agents are in the English queue, but only 2 are also in the Portuguese
queue. Give the Portuguese queue a higher Weight value and voilà (I think)


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Hello folks,

I have a litle problem here, i did not run into this problem yet, but it
will be in the future!

Let think!

I have 8 agents, 2 of them speak english and Portuguese.

Now i have many clients most of them speaking english… And we send all
users to the queue app. Now lets thinks all Agents are ocupied, and have 6
other english speakers at waiting line end now one portuguese speaker gets
into to the line, is there an way that he “cut” the line and only be waiting
for those two agents?

Did i was clear? Sorry but as you can see english is not my first language!

Thanks to all!

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  • I thougth at same thing, but as you said “i think” i had the same doubt!

    But thanks!

    as i said, we ar enot there in the project yet, so it will be an while still
    get there.. but i asked to see if it was possible cause it is an pre

  • We run in a mix skill environment like this too. What you have to be careful with is in that setting if all agents are busy, all 8 in English and only 2 that are English and Portuguese, and the Portuguese agent becomes free, with the weight higher on Portuguese those callers will jump in front of English speakers to reach those two agents. It is important to not put too many agents in both queues because the Portuguese callers will have the power to crowd out the English. Good to keep some in reserve that are English only.