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Log off all agents from all queues…

We are having a problem where agents are not logging off at the end of
the day and they complain about receiving calls early the next day. Is
there a simple way to automatically log off all agents (dynamic) from
all queues at a certain hour? Or do I have to parse all queues for
agents and remove them one by one?

Queues.conf Language Agents


You would have to setup two queues, one “English” and one “portuguese”. All
agents are in the English queue, but only 2 are also in the Portuguese
queue. Give the Portuguese queue a higher Weight value and voilà (I think)


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Hello folks,

I have a litle problem here, i did not run into this problem yet, but it
will be in the future!

Let think!

I have 8 agents, 2 of them speak english and Portuguese.

Now i have many clients most of them speaking english… And we send all
users to the queue app. Now lets thinks all Agents are ocupied, and have 6
other english speakers at waiting line end now one portuguese speaker gets
into to the line, is there an way that he “cut” the line and only be waiting
for those two agents?

Did i was clear? Sorry but as you can see english is not my first language!

Thanks to all!

script to trim sip.conf

Hey Guys!

Sorry i am posting scripting question in asterisk forum but i had no choice. also i am not script expert so i though anyone here might help me.

following is my example sip.conf now i want to add accountcode=”” for example accountcode=”Katie Wilson” in entire file. we have around 200 extension could someone help me to figure out how to do that with perl script or shell would be fine.

callerid=”Katie Wilson” <100>

callerid=”Ramona Minero” <200>

Skype-like dialing from web page

On Tue, May 17, 2011 at 01:30:33PM -0400, Mike wrote:
>Is there any softphone or TAPI plug-in that allows one to dial from a web
>page? As you may know, Skype has a mechanism that converts phone numbers on
>a web page to a click-to-dial application. I’d like to use this but on a
>normal softphone (Bria, Xlite, other).

Generate a callfile, setting Channel to point to the softphone (e.g.
SIP/Xlitephone) and Extension to point to the number you want to dial.
(You’ll need to specify Context too.)

When the callfile is processed, the softphone will ring; when it’s
picked up, it will dial the far end.


OT, free software for SIP ladder diagrams?

I was debugging a turnup with Global Crossing the other day and they
presented me with a web page that displayed a ‘ladder diagram’ of a call
including a ton of detail all neatly organized in tabs and links so you
could drill down to any level of detail needed.

The copyright notice says ‘Copyright© 2008 Empirix.’

Is there any free software available to analyze a pcap or similar packet
dump with similar features?

Name or service not known

Hi, my log is full of errors from this mobile user: