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2011/5/16 Andrew Thomas

> That’s where I get it from.
> If it contains errors, then why not report it there?
> Cheers
As this bug is considered “fixed”, I think you can’t add any comment
Unfortunately, you can still see lines mentionning DEVSTATE function like :

if (ast_strlen_zero(data)) {
ast_log(LOG_WARNING, “DEVSTATE function called with no custom device
return -1;

I opened issue 19300 for that.

One thought on - Backport of DEVICE_STATE to 1.4

  • Sorry, but backported code is not supported on the issue tracker. You’ll need to
    use a version of Asterisk that natively supports the DEVICE_STATE() function and
    which has maintenance support status (i.e. Asterisk 1.8).