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On Wed, May 4, 2011 at 1:01 PM, M Shokuie wrote:

> Dear folks,
> We have recently installed A400D card with 12 FXO modules, the serer is HP
> DL180 G6, cards works fine but after a while all the calls get an awful
> noise, you can not get what each side says. The noise cleares as soon as we
> restart wanrouter but not asterisk (i mean asterisk restart does not solve).
> We previsouly confronted this situation with PRI cards but not analogs,
> wanpipe version is 3.5.18 and zaptel 1.4.12 also tested with recent DAHDI
> with out any help. ifconfig doesnt show any overruns or errors. Once earlier
> we had the same problem and come to the conclusion to change the mainboard
> but this time i got mad as i couldnt change a 3000$ HP server that easy.
> Is there a way i could get if there is any problem of interrupts, when i
> check interrupts i could not see any shared interrupts for Snagoma card.
> Anyhelp would be highly appreciated.
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Hello M Shokuie,

This kind of troubleshooting is better addressed by Sangoma technical
support staff. You can send an email to and you will be
taken care of.


Moises Silva
Senior Software Engineer, Software Development Manager
Sangoma Technologies Inc. | 100 Renfrew Drive, Suite 100, Markham ON L3R 9R6
t. 1 905 474 1990 x128 | e.