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> Recordings file
> Hi,
> I have latest Elastix 64 bit setup and running fine (Asterisk
> I would like to customize the file name of call recordings:
> /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/20110511-110858-1305126538.912.wav
> I would like to include the extension number in the file name.
> Did a lot of googling but not much help.
> Pls advice.

See the “fname_base” information below.


pbx*CLI> core show application monitor

-= Info about application ‘Monitor’ =-

Monitor a channel.

Used to start monitoring a channel. The channel’s input and output voice
packets are logged to files until the channel hangs up or monitoring is stopped
by the StopMonitor application.
By default, files are stored to “/var/spool/asterisk/monitor/”. Returns
‘-1’ if monitor files can’t be opened or if the channel is already monitored,
otherwise ‘0’.


optional, if not set, defaults to ‘wav’
if set, changes the filename used to the one specified.
m: when the recording ends mix the two leg files into one and delete
the two leg files. If the variable ${MONITOR_EXEC} is set, the application
referenced in it will be executed instead of soxmix/sox and the raw leg
files will NOT be deleted automatically. soxmix/sox or ${MONITOR_EXEC}
is handed 3 arguments, the two leg files and a target mixed file name
which is the same as the leg file names only without the in/out designator.
If ${MONITOR_EXEC_ARGS} is set, the contents will be passed on as
additional arguments to ${MONITOR_EXEC}. Both ${MONITOR_EXEC} and the
Mix flag can be set from the administrator interface.

b: Don’t begin recording unless a call is bridged to another channel.

i: Skip recording of input stream (disables ‘m’ option).

o: Skip recording of output stream (disables ‘m’ option).

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  • Re-read your message, and realized you are asking about a GUI for Asterisk. Sorry, I can’t help you with that.