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I was looking for MySQL table structures for ARA (Asterisk 1.8.X).
I found one for SIP friends on,,+MySQL+table+structure

But it seems that it is not as per the Asterisk 1.8 SIP options. i.e. it
contains ‘call-limit’ which is deprecated in 1.8 and not the ‘callcounter’
as one of the fields.
Pardon my ignorance, but are ‘cid_number’,’trunkname’,’fullname’ from given
link sip parameters to be set? sip.conf has no such entries.

I also looked at …/contrib/realtime/mysql, and didn’t find ‘callcounter’
in sipfriends.sql. I also couldn’t find tables for queue and queue members
in it.

Yes, I can update or add latest options(fields) in sipfriends.sql. I can
even create structures for queue and queue members.I just wanted to come
across the latest table definitions so that I don’t spend time on
reinventing the wheels.

Will it not be a good option to have latest and all ‘.sql’s for ARA in

I appreciate the kind of work Digium has done in the form of Asterisk. I
also acknowledge the kind of (indirect :)) help I have got from Asterisk
users’ group.

Thanks a lot.