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is there some way to make Asterisk light up a certain light on an IP-phone ?

Like MWI, the message waiting indicator can light up if there is voicemail.

Could this light, or even other lights (like BLF-buttons) be used to
give a visual notification to the user ?

For example : if a certain value is set in the Mysql-DB and Asterisk
reads out this value, can Asterisk react upon it inside the dialplan to
make a light lit up ?

2nd example : if a certain extension is called, can we perform inside
the dialplan an action that makes a light lit up on a Snom or Yealink
IP-phone ?

I don’t know if all this is at all possible, but it doesn’t harm asking
I guess…

If BLF works, then maybe more things are possible in the same way. Just
thinking outside the box here.

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