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On 05/11/2011 01:30 PM, Darrin Henshaw wrote:

> I’m interested in knowing if anyone out there has successfully
> connected Asterisk to a Cisco UC 560 via SIP trunking? We have a
> client of ours that we put in an Asterisk install, one of their
> sister companies who we don’t control is putting in a Cisco UC 560.
> From my looking I think it can be done, but the vendor is telling
> them it can’t. Thought I’d ask around here and see if anyone has done
> it? Thanks.

I see no reason why it can’t be done in principle; the vendor or VAR is
just being dismissive of open-source, lest the customer suspect they
might be able to do everything the UC560 can do with open-source
components without paying for a UC560.

The only sticking point is whether this endpoint, like Cisco Call
Manager, by default does SDP offer in the 200 OK and answer in the ACK.
This is an SDP offer-answer flow prescribed by RFC 3261 as valid but
not supported by Asterisk, as best as I can tell, even in 1.8.