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Hi !

We curently have a centos 5 / asterisk 1.4 server that we have some DTMF
problems with. It has a Sangoma A104d card and only port one is used to
connect to the PSTN. Port 2 is conencted via a cross-over cable to a RAS for
modem access and port 3 is connected for data communication via PPP.

Now, I want to freshen this setup to something newer. So I installed a
Scientific Linux 6 server, with asterisk 1.8 and the latest Sangoma drivers
and an A101 card I had laying around.

I did a test this weekend and pluged in our PRI in that test server. I never
got succeded to have a call trough. When I dialed in, the call is “hanged
up” with :

Channel 1/1, span 1 got hanup, cause 6
Spawn extension (ael-default, s, 3) exited non-zero on

Here’s my dahdi/system.conf :


#Sangoma A101 port 1 [slot:0 bus:6 span:1]

my asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf is rather long, but is mostly defaults, with :

channel => 1-23

as the last non-commented lines.

So, for one thing, the card I have in my test server doesn’t have an
hardware echo canceller, but it’s still enabled in my wanpip setting. Could
that be a source of problem ?

Other than that, is there anything obvious I’ve missed ?

2 thoughts on - Trying out a new version with sangoma card

  • In asterisk CLI do “pri show spans”. The fact the card is in RED alert means the hardware does not “see” the pri line connected to the card.

  • I probably made a mistake in copying / pasting. pri show spans was showing
    something like :

    PRI span 1/0: Provisioned, Up, Active

    Calls can enter, I see them arriving on the console, but they imediatly got
    hangun, cause 6.