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Anyone have some recommended equipment for alerting people to calls in a noisy environment?

I have Polycom IP550 phones set up in some really noisy environments – our mine hoists – and they tend to drown out the ringers. I’m using Clarity WR100s now. They’re analog devices, attached to Linksys PAP2T ATAs as part of a call group to get a loud (advertised as 95dB) ring out there, but it still could be louder. Maybe a light-up option would be better.

The old phone system here had some huge loudspeakers that someone had wired right into the speakers of the old digital phones. I haven’t figured out yet if they need a different voltage, or even if they still work; they were not responding when I replaced the attached phones.

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  • Polycom includes a REALLY LOUD ringer .WAV in their firmware zip file. The file is called
    LoudRing.wav Check the Polycom admin docs on how to add that ringer to your phone.