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I know most billing software sell this as a monthly service. You get cd-rom every month where they have collected the published tarrif tables filed with the FCC. You load it on the software to analyze call costs. I’m guessing this is a lot of labor hours/manual work thus they charge for providing it. In particular I am thinking of InforTel for Windows.

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Hi All,

new to the list. Wondering if anyone has / knows of, a good rate importer tool that can be used to standardize and normalize the ratesheets / rate decks etc. obtained from various carriers so they can be analysed and imported into a DB or be saved as a CSV or something?

Thanks so much in advance

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    That’s interesting. Wasn’t aware of such a thing…if these subscriptions
    ad/or software are reasonably priced then we might still be interested in
    having a look at it. What specific product of InforTel were you referring