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On 05/10/2011 12:55 AM, Olivier wrote:
> 2011/5/9 randulo >
> On Mon, May 9, 2011 at 2:20 PM, > > wrote:
> > Lots of Android handsets support wifi, like my G2, aka HTC DesireZ.
> Wouldn’t ANY modern one have wifi? That would be odd if it didn’t,
> would it not?
> Yes, of course, all dual-mode phones support WiFi but :
> 1. I’m not certain those would work without any SIM-card inside
> 2. those are likely to be more expensive than WiFi-only handset.
> See the last iPod touch which is marketed as a Sametime client is
> quite cheeper than the iPhone.
> To my knowledge, most Android-based WiFi-only machines are tablets.
archos make cheap wifi only android devices, but I’m not sure of the
small ones have the mic and speaker in the right place for a SIP call.

There are some very cheap Android phones around, while the wifi VoIP
phones tend to be expensive.


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  • 2011/5/9 Olivier

    I meant “Face Time” (I should n’t (have stopped to) drink while typing ;-))

    client is quite cheeper than the iPhone.

  • This is first reference I’ve seen to Bria. Interesting web site. Has
    anyone actually used this on Android to connect to an asterisk server?


  • sean darcy wrote:

    Well, since I can’t find a download to test this on my Droid and I don’t
    plan on paying before testing, I haven’t.


  • Yes. I purchased it a while ago from the Marketplace, and had some
    issues with sound quality as my specific phone (Motorola Atrix) isn’t
    officially supported yet. However, the support people at CounterPath
    have been extremely responsive, and the latest version works much
    better. I have not tested the G.729 codec.

    It’s a good app, but I would buy it from CouterPath directly next time
    as their refund policy is longer than 15 minutes and they list the
    supported devices. Hopefully they will add video support soon.


  • 2011/5/15 Jonathan Thurman

    I took a closer look at counterpath web site to discover an “approved
    handsets” list.

    Too bad all of them, at the moment, seem to be rather high end dual-mode
    (WiFi-2G/3G) handsets