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Apologies if this is a duplicate – been having mail server issues and I don’t think I managed to send it when I tried this morning.

It seems there is no .conf syntax highlighting script available for gedit. I’m thinking of putting one together myself, but don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

So I’m just enquiring if anyone knows of one that already exists that i’ve missed.


Naomi Rosenberg

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  • no worries, i’m not as passionate as some!

    It just happens gedit is the one I’ve gravitated towards, despite what I’m sure are good reasons to use something more hardcore. And I also fancy the project of writing the highlighting script, it would be a nice little job for me and I’m sure there will be others who would find it useful once made. I just don’t want to waste time on it if it’s been done already, that’s all.

    Naomi Rosenberg

  • There have been some editor highlighting stuff submitted to the list in
    the past but as far as I’m aware, nothing for gedit. If you do put
    something together post it here and I’ll post it to the Daily Asterisk News.