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On Sat, May 07, 2011 at 04:24:08PM +0100, –[ UxBoD ]– wrote:
> I know a lot has changed over the past couple of years, and even monthly, and that Asterisk running within a virtualised environment is very happy indeed. If one would only be using SIP/IAX would Xen/KVM be the best solution ? / or perhaps VServer/LXC maybe advantageous due to binary hashing. Your thoughts would be very welcome.

VServer / OpenVZ / LXC run the the instances on top of the same kernel.
They use kernel-level seperation. So this means that they basically see
the subsets of the same file system and such.

KVM / Xen provide the view of a different machine. The guest machine run
its own kernel. I guess this is better if you don’t trust the guest, but
you pay more in resource consumption. If you want to run a different
kernel, you must use this one.

One thought on - Virtualising Asterisk

  • At work we have a couple of asterisk instances.
    Some of them are used for doing interfaceing job, like towards isdn-BA
    or isdn-PRA, skype or GSM. (those do only _that_ and nothing more.

    Others (dialplan, voicemail, etc etc) are running as an XEN-image.
    Reason: much more easier to replace
    Some of the are still 1.4 while others run several different 1.6
    Currently i’m experimenting with a bunch of virtual 1.8-systems.

    from my point of view sles/xen works rock solid.