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Hi all,

Sorry for posting here – but I figured there are many people with Cisco
IP phones here – and I use them with Asterisk 🙂

I have a couple of Cisco 7940 phones. I’ve loaded the SIP firmware OK,
loaded the SIP configuration files OK, they work with Asterisk just fine.

My question is – will I have to keep on running the tftp server for them
for ever and ever? Isn’t there any option for them to just use the
settings they have already loaded form the tftp server – so that I can
kill tftpd on my server machine? I tried doing that, and then the phones
stop booting, going in a loop looking for the tftpd server.

It seems a bit pointless, having to run the tftpd daemon all the time –
although I’ve already loaded the firmware and configurations I want.

Thank you,


4 thoughts on - Cisco 7940 phone and tftpd provisioning – for ever?

  • Hi James,

    Thanks for the reply. I’m not concerned about performance. But I’ve
    learned that every extra daemon software on a server comes with its
    security caveats. I would feel much better about not having another one
    to worry about and keep an eye on.


  • Run more of your systems as diskless. Make your tftp setup
    indispensable 🙂

  • Oh yeah – love your idea 🙂

    So just to clarify – I take it the Cisco phones (at least the 7940) are
    supposed to be run with a tftp server available at all time – not only
    during the initial configuration? Just making sure I didn’t miss
    something obvious in the documentation. Can somebody confirm please.

    It’s just that the Grandstream phones I use can load firmware and
    configs over http or tftp – but they are happy to work without it once
    they are configured.


  • Thanks for the reply. No, I run tftpd directly from rc.local script (on
    Slackware). That’s fine – I just wanted to know I wasn’t doing something
    wrong. If everybody else is in the same boat – I’ll just be along for
    the ride then 😀