Supermicro X7SPE (Atom) as Asterisk server?

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On 5/6/11 11:52 PM, Andrew Latham wrote:
> On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 2:48 PM, Vahan Yerkanian wrote:
>> Has anyone used this board as an Asterisk server?
>> I’m mostly interested about the possible compatibility issues this board may
>> have with the AEX800 card.
> Yes that is a great system and the built-in IPMI is a livesaver… if
> you are using a full size harddrive you need to apply some protection
> to the card in the case (the superserver 1U). They are close but not
> touching…
Thanks for the info, are you using the AEX800 with it?
How’s the load, and what actual performance do you have?

One thought on - Supermicro X7SPE (Atom) as Asterisk server?

  • I put my AEX800 in one to test and it works fine. Normally we use
    them with E1 cards. It has 4 cores (2cores + hyperthreading) and
    works very well. Load is low. Priced almost the same if not cheaper
    than a Soekris this is a great solution for small installs. Use a
    picoPSU for a fanless setup..