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has the following been done before respectively is it possible with
Asterisk? I searched the archives but couldn’t locate anything.

1. Call to 5555 comes in via SIP.
2. Call is not answered yet but progress continues.
3. At the moment the call comes in something like this gets spawned in the

which should translate to:
But even better would be take the ${EXTEN} and put some w’s between them:

4. After a pretermined amount of time since the call came in respectively
the Dial command was spawned “in the background”, e.g. 15 seconds,
Asterisk answers the call and the call legs are connected together.

So, with some fantasy commands, something like this:


I hope my request is not too cryptic. In short: I’d like to receive calls
to arbitrary extensions, but not answer them directly, only after a Dial
command has been spawned and a predetermined amount of time has passed
since the Dial command has been spawned / since the Dial command has
connected to 123456.


I’m new to the list, hi! 🙂

Thank you!