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Dear, when I dial *30 in order to get instructions to blacklist an
extension, Idon’t get the menu but I get a new dial tone.

What happen please ??? What can I do to solve this ???

Thanks a lot,


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  • Alejandro,

    What GUI are you using ? I don’t think Asterisk comes with *30 to ban calls.



  • Dear Dovis, I’m using Elastix and the dialplan comes with this line:


    Any idea ??? Thanks a lot.

    2011/5/9 Dovid Bender :

  • Dear, finally I implement the functionality code *94 in order to
    access the blacklist menu from my own extension and put another
    extension in the black list of Asterisk.

    But after blacklisting a given extension, when I call from that
    extension to my own extension the call always rings, it is not denied
    by the blacklist.

    Why could be the problem the blacklist doesn’t work ???

    Thanks a lot

    2011/5/9 Dovid Bender :