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Hi all,
I have a production server running with about 90 Cisco 79[46]1’s and SIP
release 8.5(2)SR1 from last year. I was running Asterisk and
upgraded last night after hours. (Seemed low risk to me!)

Much to my surprise, not a single one of the Cisco 79XX phones would
register. Since it’s a production server, I rolled back to and
everything was fine. All my Linksys SPA phones and Polycom speaker phones
registered just fine.

I am now setting up test servers with both and to collect
some debug.

I am just curious ­ has anyone else had SIP issues with these phones and
updating Asterisk broke them?

I will post results of my findings after I have time to collect them.

Cassius Smitha

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  • Sorry all, I did not follow up adequately. Definitely a problem with and the issue # is 18951.

    Fixed in; Cisco 79xx registered fine.

    I don’t know about 1.8.4 yet; haven’t installed it for testing yet.