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I’m having problems in the fading voice calls, receptive and active, that in SIP
accounts. While few people
using the system, calls are perfect, but it beats the normal use of
connections (average 30 concurrent), the voice begins to fade from people.

Soon I figured some network problem, I
did a tcpdump and analyzed by wireshark …the strange thing is this …

all packets that arrive on the server asterisk are normal or jitter, latency
… But whenAsterisk sends packets to the network or the ISP … maggoty packages are … jitter of150ms on
average … latency of more than 1000 ms …

That is, by the way is not the network itself, but the network on the
machine …

Dropped iptables to make sure no influence … I changed the network
card and cables… did nothing more …

Anyone have any ideas to help me and chase to find the problem?

PS: The server is a CentOS 5.5 – 32 bit … I’ve
tested the 64bit tb but with the sameerror …


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