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1. You can now find several SIP harphones with bicolor BLFs (see Polycom,
Cisco, …).
Is there a protocol which best describes how to use this bicolor BLD feature

2. I would like to map these BLFs to the following user activities :
– user is logged off: no light
– user is logged in: green light
– phone is ringing: blinking light
– user is on call: red light

It seems that Asterisk DEVICE_STATE function can’t be mapped with this
bicolor feature.
So how could this 4-states BLF be implemented ?
Any suggestion ?


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  • The handset is what maps the colours to the states. You can’t send a colour in SIP. You could create a list of all the possible device states, and see which produce the desired colours on phones. I know the Cisco SPA series does let you edit the colours for different device statues. Might be worth seeing if other phones do the same.


  • 2011/5/3 Steven Howes

    Thanks, that’s intersting.

    From your memory, do you then have a list of states which are widely
    supported, beside Idle, On call and Ringing ?
    Can we expect this list to match DEVICE_STATE’s one (UNKNOWN | NOT_INUSE |