How to debug MixMonitor misbehaviour


Thanks for the input. Yes, I did call out many times, but the recording doesn't happen even after
the call is bridged and there is two way audio. I also took out the "b"
option and so it should recording the ringing right (even before call is
bridged) but it doesn't do that or any recording at all. Any other suggestions as to what I can do to see why this is not recording? Regards, On Tue, May 3, 2011 at 2:13 AM, virendra bhati wrote: > Hi,
> As per your…

Asterisk Users 4.5 years ago 2 Answers

receive faxes


does anybody know a good tutorial on how to setup asterisk to receive faxes
(no need to send them) ? i've tried using "" with T38 but i keep
getting "Transmission failed"

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dial from voicemail


Is it possible to dial from within voicemail to reach another extension.
I would like my customers to have a choice of dialing 1 to get my cell
phone while in voicemail or to just leave a message at the tone. Thanks Kelly

Asterisk Users 4.5 years ago 1 Answer