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I upgraded from asterisk to asterisk

I have context=defcontext set in sip.conf. For each peer I have
context=outcontext in the peer definition since I want outgoing calls
from registered SIP peers to go through context ‘outcontext’. This
used to work in the older version (, but after upgrading this
has stopped working. Now outgoing calls are going to ‘defcontext’ and
the calls fail. After the peer registers ‘sip show peer
show the context as ‘outcontext’, but while making a call the default
context in sip.conf overrides the peer context.

Is there any other setting that I need to do in asterisk


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  • This works when I change the host to non-dynamic and
    insecure=port,invite for the peer, but does not work when

    Also my sip peers are realtime. If I remove the realtime peer and
    create a peer in sip.conf this works !!

    On Tue, May 3, 2011 at 11:15 AM, Justin Case