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I’ve been away from asterisk for a while since 1.4.16 and only installed
1.6 once to run a test… can someone recommend what the best version to
install is and the recommended CPU/motherboard for an * box these days?
I’m just running about 20 handsets and 4-8 lines with POTS & SIP mix.

I remember there were some issues with bios a while back and a TDM card
was required for timing conferencing, etc… are these requirements
still an issue?

I want to setup another * box and was wondering which CPU/motherboard to

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  • || dave cantera Mobile wrote:

    The AMD K6 and the AMD K6-2 were (At that time) cheaper then what Intel
    had to offer, I built many systems based on both.

    Sorry, but that memory, along with the memories of running a BBS, just
    made me shudder.


  • don’t get me wrong, I use AMD almost exclusively in my desktop PCs.
    Usually with Debian or Ubuntu. It’s just back in the late 1990s/early
    2000s I had an AMD K6-2 300 (if I remember correctly) and it wasn’t a
    good experience at all. I certainly wouldn’t build an Asterisk system
    using 10+ year old CPUs either (unless it’s just a toy) 🙂

    For the record most Asterisk systems I build are currently using Intel
    Atom hardware but also some PowerPC.