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> Subject: [asterisk-users] Asterisk repository: asterisk14-addons-mysql
> Hello,
> We have chosen to upgrade our Trixbox installations (, asterisk
> 1.4.20) and everything work smooth.
> The problem we face now is that asterisk14-addons-mysql looks to have
> not been compiled with uniqueID feature and we are asking your opinion
> about what should be the best fix for this problem.
> Our workarround was to overwrite (from backup) the
> module, but this is not the best approach as in case for future
> updates (yes – we know support of 1.4 have reach it’s end but who
> knows….).
> On the other hand we could try to compile from sources but this
> procedure we have tried to avoid when we choose to use
> repository.
> My idea is to ask for an additional addons-mysql RPM package – with
> uniqueID enabled – but I do not know exactly where I have to post this
> question.
> What is your opinion?
> Best regards,
> Ioan.
[Danny Nicholas]
IMO, one of the “selling points” of the add-on modules is that they can be
compiled/tweaked without too much input from the base installation. I don’t
think you’re going to get too far with the new/modified RPM request.

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  • Well – it looks we are the only ones needing that RPM with uniqueID enabled.
    IMO it is a pity that this feature could not be activated through
    configuration files (like cdr_mysql.conf for example).