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ControlPlayback’s options

On 2011-05-30 14:32, virendra bhati wrote:
> Hi List,
> Asterisk ‘s *ControlPlayback* will used for play any recorded file as
> an audio player. Is it possible that we can use it for multiple
> forward and rewind ?
> ex:-
> original: ControlPlayback(filename,skipms,ff,rew,stop,pause)
> expected
> ControlPlayback(filename,skip1,skip2,skip3,forward1,rewind1,forward2,rewind2,forward3,rewind3,stop,pause)
> :

CPLAYBACKSTOPKEY variables to get this behavior.
All you have to do is to list the additional keys and stop keys and
implement this in your dialplan…

I’ve attached some ael I use for this to implement 1 and 3 as 1 minute
rewind/forward. 4 and 6 as 5 minutes rewind/forward and 7 and 9 as 15
5 I use as the pause key, and */# to switch recording.

Johan Wilfer

AMI buffering event output?


I’m seeing weird behavior with AMI where no events are output until
some input is detected (can be an empty line), at which time all the
buffered output is spewed out at once.

I am maintaining multiple Asterisk installations, and with one
installation I have run into a weird buffering problem with AMI.
The version is in this particular case, which I am running at
multiple locations, all without this problem. Additionally I have
tried version and, and the problem is consistent
across these versions.

manager.conf is identical across all these installations.

The problem presents with a php script that opens a socket directly to
AMI, a telnet client from the local machine to the AMI, but not when I
telnet from the machine to a remote machine running AMI.

Does anyone have any input as to what I can try?

Best regards,

Dropping incompatible voice frame on DAHDI/i1/xxxxxxx of format slin since our native format has changed to 0x4 (ulaw)


Sometime i am getting following messaged on asterisk CLI console just wondering what these messages are look like some codec related.

[May 31 12:26:14] NOTICE[7349]: channel.c:4074 __ast_read: Dropping incompatible voice frame on DAHDI/i1/2031444389-28e of format slin since our native format has changed to 0x4 (ulaw)

To know if the ISDN PRI E1 is UP?

your PRI is not up. You can see this “Status: In Alarm, Down, Active” it
means you have some error. Some parameter is not correct with the
configuration and with your line. If you are using Sangoma card then please
check this link http://wiki.sangoma.com/wanpipe-linux-asterisk-debugging

On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 6:02 PM, bilal ghayyad wrote:

> Hi All;
> This is the output of the pri show status, so I appreciate if to know if
> that means the E1 is UP? What does it means that the status us (Status: In
> Alarm, Down, Active)? What in the below result give an indication that it is
> UP?
> CC*CLI> pri show span 1
> Primary D-channel: 16
> Status: In Alarm, Down, Active
> Switchtype: EuroISDN
> Type: Network
> Overlap Dial: 0
> Logical Channel Mapping: 0
> Timer and counter settings:
> N200: 3
> N202: 3
> K: 7
> T200: 1000
> T202: 10000
> T203: 10000
> T303: 4000
> T305: 30000
> T308: 4000
> T309: 6000
> T313: 4000
> T-HOLD: 4000
> T-RETRIEVE: 4000
> T-RESPONSE: 4000
> Overlap Recv: No
> Regards
> Bilal
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BRI confiugration error

Hi sir,

I was installed Goautodial server and I have b410p BRI card. BRI card
showing OK with dahdi_tool, this NT mode.
whenever I am dialing from server i am not able to connect the call . in Cli
below mention warning is comming .
please what is the mistake with me . help me

Executing [0559566768@default:1] AGI(“Console/dsp”, “agi://”) in new

please help

Did you try different number in place of 5? I meant 1 2 etc..

Also check cli logs on console

Are you dialing from softphone or hardphone because some phone has
dialing regex for security.