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Variable. AMI and dialplan

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El 28/03/2011 10:20, Sherwood McGowan escribió:
> Don’t know then, that’s all I’ve got far ya today mate, sorry
> On 3/28/2011 8:18 AM, magnus.b@inputinterior.se wrote:
>> I did use Action: Getvar when i read it back in AMI.
>> On 3/28/2011 7:41 AM, magnus.b@inputinterior.se wrote:
>>> Hi!
>>> Guess I am doing something totally wrong here: Some smart person could
>>> maybe plz tell me what.
>>> From AMI, I set a variable Action: SetvarrnVariable:xrnValue:
>>> 5rnrn
>>> From dialplan i can “access” the variable “x” and see the value “5”
>>> From dialplan i modify “x” to “8”.
>>> But from AMI i still se “x” as “5” not “8”.
>>> /Magnus
>> Maybe you need to perform a GetVar to read the new value of that channel
>> variable

asterisk and fail2ban

On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 9:20 AM, vip killa wrote:
> Is anyone using asterisk with fail2ban? I have it working except it takes
> way more break-in attempts than what is set in “maxretry” in jail.conf
> For example, I get an email saying:
> “The IP has just been banned by Fail2Ban after 181 attempts
> against ASTERISK.”
> when “maxretry = 5″ in jail.conf
> Perhaps someone else is experiencing this or has resolved it, thank you in
> advance for your time.

If you fixed the logging issue discussed here
http://www.fail2ban.org/wiki/index.php/Asterisk then I would assume
your logging has problems.

hang up incoming call and call the number back


I’m trying to setup Asterisk so that:

1. I call a specific number that goes to a defined extension from my
phone (an external line).
2. Asterisk notes my phone number (the CLID) and hangs up without
picking up the call.
3. Asterisk initiates a call to my phone and prompts me for a passkey.
4. Asterisk validates the passkey and lets me enter another number (say FOO).
5. Asterisk dials FOO on my behalf and lets me talk to FOO.

I’m currently using extension “h” for handling the post-hangup
processing; however this seems to involve a lot of validation (since
other calls are also terminating into the same context and,
eventually, getting hungup) and has issues passing variables between
extensions. Is there a better way of handling the post-hangup


how to Perform operations at the time of call sent to Queue member but not answered.

Hi Group,

In Queue application, we have AGI,macro and gosub parameters that allow us
to perform some operations when Queue member gets connected with caller. But
it seems that right now there is no such mechanism (except CEL,AMI) for
situation where we want some operations to be performed when call is sent to
Queue Member but not answered yet (i.e. Queue Member interface is in ringing

I know monitoring Channel events we can do this, but I wanted something in
dialplan itself to get it done.

Probably I will not be the only person asking for this future in Asterisk.

PLease have your thoughts on this.

Thanking you.

problems with blind transfer on GXP-2000 – Multi tenant asterisk !!

Hello Users,

We have Thirdlane Multi tenant PBX system in production. Asterisk version

AMI redirect from Queue to MeetMe

Hello List,

I have scenario as follows,

1. A call comes to queue.
2. Available agent will answer the call.
3. BridgeEvent wil be generated in AMI with channel1 and channel2.
4. Parse channel1 and channel two from the event and redirect them to a meetme room,


Exten => 1234,1,MeetMe(1234,1dq)

But sometime it works and sometime one leg gets disconnected after redirection. Is it a bug to asterisk- ?


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