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from the last question i assume you’re looking for a SIP-based

On 03-30-2011 00:16, bilal ghayyad wrote:

> 1) How I can assign for each button an extension?
you can configure them as lines (at least in my 7940). look for
linex_name, linex_authname and linex_password settings in the config file.

> 2) How I can assign for specific button a feature to be used (like call forward or call pickup .. etc)?
AFAIK you can’t reprogram the softkeys. There are two buttons which you
can use for programming (well, sort of). You can define the mailbox
extension which can be any extension. You can write a dial plan for a
specific function and then use it as “voicemail”.

The other button is the service button which can be programmed to access
any HTTP url. I’m using mine to switch my desk lamp on or off.

> 3) As you know that it is required to have a correct username and password to login, so where to give the username and password in the Cisco IP Phone to be able to login for the SIP account?

same as 1)


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  • You haven’t said which model Cisco phone your working with. There are several different models and they all have different configuration options.

    Also, asterisk in itself doesn’t have anything to do with button assignments on phones. Cisco phones tend to be harder to manipulate soft-keys than say, Polycom or Aastea phones. But no matter, whichever phone you chose, you’ll likely have to do any custom button assignments in the phone’s config, whether that be a file or a webapp.