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So, I’ve compiled and installed libpri-,
dahdi-linux-complete-2.4.1+2.4.1 and asterisk-, but chan_dahdi is
not getting built. If I do a “make menuselect” in asterisk I see it listed
with XXX, meaning that dependencies are not met.

XXX chan_dahdi

Depends on: res_smdi(M), dahdi(E), tonezone(E), pri(E), ss7(E), openr2(E)

res_smdi gets built fine, dahdi is installed and working, tonezone is
installed, pri is installed, ss7 is not installed, openr2 is not installed.
Surely one does not need ss7 and openr2 if one has pri!

So what else could be the problem?

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  • Run pre requirement check script I don’t know the name but it’s
    located inside asterisk source dir inside contrib

    I had same issue and has been fixed by that.

  • wrote:

    Hi Kevin,

    Yes, I even tried it on another (similar) machine, but with the same result.
    (The same machines used to run chan_zap with no issues on Asterisk 1.4.x.)

    config.log is 670KB, 23,000+ lines. What should I search for in here?
    “dahdi” has 212 occurrences, but chan_dahdi has 0.

  • I presume you mean contrib/scripts/install_prereq but I’m not sure how to
    use it or whether it is applicable to this situation. I had a look over the
    source code and it seems to be heavily dependent on what distribution you
    are running. For Debian, quite a lot are listed, but for Redhat it is only
    the essentials:

    PACKAGES_RH=”gcc gcc-c++ ncurses-devel openssl-devel”

    This distribution is AsteriskNOW 1.0 or so (the rPath one), so I doubt that
    it would be recognized by that script. It looks like it only recognized
    Debian, Redhat and OpenBSD.