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Dear All

I am using Asterisk 1.4.17 in a calling card application. Following
description explains the usage:

A call/request hits asterisk from an ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx which opens a
channel for this ip (Lets call it Channel A). Asterisk answers the call and
play IVRs first asking the PIN and then destination number in an AGI making
use of radius server for authentication/authorization. Once done with that,
Asterisk uses ‘Dial’ application to move forward sending it to ip
yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy which opens another channel to this ip (lets call it channel

I want to include ‘##’ feature (for making another call), when caller
presses ## during a call, destination channel B is hanged up (i need to
hangup the destination channel to billing purposes) keeping originating
channel A alive and another AGI application is triggered for caller to enter
another destination number.

Im using feature.conf’s application map something like below:

followupcall => ##,peer/caller,Hangup

At least feature is working but hanging up both channels…….Problem!!!

If there is any other application to hang up the destination channel, what
is that? Also what is the status of originating channel? Where should the
call to second AGI be put in the dial plan?

I hope you guys understand my problem/issue. Please guide me, thanks alot in