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Hello List,

I have scenario as follows,

1. A call comes to queue.
2. Available agent will answer the call.
3. BridgeEvent wil be generated in AMI with channel1 and channel2.
4. Parse channel1 and channel two from the event and redirect them to a meetme room,


Exten => 1234,1,MeetMe(1234,1dq)

But sometime it works and sometime one leg gets disconnected after redirection. Is it a bug to asterisk- ?


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One thought on - AMI redirect from Queue to MeetMe

  • I would be surprised that you did not always hang up the second channel you are redirecting. Once you transfer one leg there is nothing connected to the second leg so it goes away, I would think.

    What we do is remember the agent number, transfer the caller, and then setup a call to the agent and meetme room.

    More or less like:

    Action: Redirect
    Channel: SIP/GXP280_18-00000001
    Exten: do_meetme601MyID
    Context: cfmc_cdi_private
    Priority: 1
    ActionID: MeetMe
    Async: true

    Action: Originate
    Channel: Agent/1001
    Exten: do_meetme601MyID2
    Context: cfmc_cdi_private
    Priority: 1
    ActionID: DirectMeet
    Async: true

    exten => _do_meetme.,1,UserEvent(BeforeMeetMe,Info:${EXTEN:9} & ${UNIQUEID} & ${CHANNEL})
    exten => _do_meetme.,n,Answer()
    exten => _do_meetme.,n,Set(CfMC_RoomToUse=${EXTEN:9:3})
    exten => _do_meetme.,n,Set(CfMC_CurrentID=${EXTEN:12})
    exten => _do_meetme.,n,Set(MEETME_MOH_CLASS=”meetme-music”)
    exten => _do_meetme.,n,MeetMe(${CfMC_RoomToUse},CMpqx1)
    exten => _do_meetme.,n,UserEvent(AfterMeetMe,ActionID:${CfMC_CurrentID} & Room:${CfMC_RoomToUse} & ${UNIQUEID} & ${CHANNEL})
    exten => _do_meetme.,n,Hangup()