One thought on - Why shouldn’t I use 1.8?

  • Great advice guys. I know it was a loaded question. I appreciate your feedback. Although I’m probably not as much of an asterisk guru as you guys, I tend to agree with your approach.

    Thanks a lot!!

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    That is a loaded question, in that no two environments are likely to
    be the same. Some bugs are major issues for < 1% of the install base
    and take time to get merged into the code base. You should read
    through the open issues for the 1.8 branch and see if there are any
    show stoppers for your environment. If not, try it in the lab and
    validate that it works for you.

    Check out

    For my environment specifically, this issue is currently preventing me
    from migrating from 1.6.2:
    – 18818 [patch] Crashing when using local channels and realtime on asterisk

    There are a lot of benefits to the 1.8 branch (Long term support,
    Called party id, Multicast RTP, etc) but only you can say if it will
    work with your configuration in your environment.