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Today at 12 Non EDT, Dan York will be with us to talk about the recent
on and off moments of Google Voice SIP URI calling. Like Skype +
Asterisk (or any SIP), Google Voice and SIP compose the other shoe
waiting to drop. We’re following this with interest. So GV turned on
SIP URI and then a few days later, turned it off. Why? Did the geeks
(like us) jump on this too quickly or too heavily?

Dan’s Disruptive Telephony site is a reference in the field and we’ll
likely be talking about other news of interest as well. We’d love to
have you join on on our call with this week’s guest by
connecting via these technologies: – use g722 if you have it
PSTN: +1 567 252 2286
iNum: +883 5100 123 94882
Text backchat on #vuc channel of – use
if you don’t have a client

You can also talk to us on Twitter @voipusers or the hashtag #vuc

More info:

Hope to hear you soon.