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Sorry for the crosspost. This was supposed to be on -users

I know some of you are polycom gurus…

Anyone know how to remove transfer from a polycom 33x phone? We’ve set
allowtransfer=no, but we would like to remove a polycom soft key as well.

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  • From the polycom pdf:

    If set to 1, the user will be able to enable universal call
    forwarding through the soft key menu.

    This sounds like it turns on and turns off the call forwarding feature
    on the phone. I can try it out Monday, but I don’t see where it has any
    relation to transfer (both attended and blind).

  • Sorry, for some reason I misread it as the forward feature.

    On Sun, Mar 27, 2011 at 9:16 PM, Mark Murawski

  • Look at page 311 in that manual
    If you disable the soft keys and then reassign the hard key it should