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Hi All,

Do you’ll have any recommendations on a Linux based Customer Management and
Pre-paid Billing system for Asterisk, Freeswitch or Kamalio?
The system should also allow customers to register, login, buy more credit,
view call records, etc.

Commercial or Open-source are ok as long as they run on Linux.


2 thoughts on - Linux Based Billing and CDR

  • Its commercial, but includes source code (C) to the majority of the
    system. Checkout BillMAX ( I wrote modules for the
    integration with asterisk as a post-paid ITSP. Tell them I sent you 😉



  • I personally know one of the developers of some commercial billing
    system, supporting what you have written.

    Not sure for Web site for billing itself, but one of their the
    projects, using the billing system is with user panel is at
    All runs Linux. Billing owner can be contacted at .
    Hope it helps.


    2011/3/25 Jeff LaCoursiere :