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Have you read page 312 of Asterisk: The Future of Telephony (

“there are a few things that need to be
added in order to get it to function. First off, Asterisk needs to have an IMAP client
installed so that it can communicate with the IMAP server. Pretty much any IMAP
server works (even Exchange Server), and the authors have personally tested IMAP
voicemail support with both the Courier-IMAP and Dovecot IMAP servers. The IMAP
server may be on the same physical machine as the Asterisk installation, or it may be
on the other side of the globe. To be able to access the IMAP server, Asterisk requires
an IMAP client library. This library is the University of Washington’s free IMAP client,
named c-client. To install the c-client you simply need to navigate to your /usr/src directory
and run the following commands:
# wget
This downloads the source code. Extract it with:
# tar zxvf imap.tar.Z”