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On 03/24/2011 10:45 AM, Rizwan Hisham wrote:
> You have to use adaptive cdr for this functionality. In 1.8 the conf
> file for adaptive cdr is cdr_adaptive_odbc.conf. The sample conf file
> should tell you everything.
> If you are using some other cdr engine then you will have to jump into
> the code of asterisk to make it log the item you want, which includes
> creating an extra variable in the cdr data struction, creating a
> function to set/get its value from dialplan, and then changing the sql
> command to include the extra variable for insertion into DB.

I thought it was possible in asterisk 1.6.2 to add extra mysql-fields ??
In asterisk 1.4 you just have one ‘userfield’, but in 1.6.2 it is
possible to add custom fields… I just don’t know how.

This is what the wiki
( tells :

“/Module now permits arbitrary columns to be created and populated, just
like cdr_adaptive_odbc, simply by adding the column to the table and
defining the corresponding CDR() variable/”

Where is the information on this ?